Work. Life. Balance.

Work-life balance is an important aspect of a healthy work environment. Maintaining work-life balance helps reduce stress and helps prevent burnout in the workplace. We help you build real balance for your employees. At WorkingWell, we recognize the employee as a whole. This means that wellness not only speaks to physical fitness and diet but it addresses the mental health and the physical environment in which the employee operates. Employees spend at least one-third of their day at work and we believe creating a comfortable work environment will produce, support and maintain a healthy corporate culture, reaping volumes of success for your company.


Working Well Assessment

To ensure a wellness programme provides return, we customize our process for each client. As such, the first step in our process is the Workplace Assessment. We do a thorough assessment of the factors affecting your company’s productivity. Contact Us today to get your employees WorkingWell. We do a thorough assessment of the factors affecting your company’s productivity.

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Health Promotion

When people are aware, they are better able to make healthier choices. After assessment of your company’s specific needs we will realize the information you and your employees need. Frequent and relevant bulletins will be implemented to keep your staff aware of their health and well-being via medium of your choice.


Nutrition Management

Research shows an exceptional correlation between lowering the risk of non-communicable diseases and good nutrition. This feature includes monitoring the sources your staff receives their meals and we provide one-on-one support where necessary.


Affiliate Partnerships

Connecting you with companies that will improve your organization’s performance while maintaining synergy. When you choose WorkingWell, we bring our partners with us. There will be no need to worry about which companies to liaise with after we create your employee wellness program. We have you covered!


Occupational Health Consult

The main focus of this service is on primary prevention methods to reduce injury and infirmity in the workplace - that are brought on by the working environment. Regardless of your employees’ job description, we identify areas of risk and minimize them as much as possible.


Ergonomic Adjustment

Positive ergonomic changes can improve workers’ comfort and decrease fatigue. Right away, you can see how both effects of these changes can increase productivity in the workplace. Ensuring that the furniture and layout of your offices are efficiently arranged to optimize your employees’ performance.