About US

We at WorkingWell, know that the productivity of your business is paramount. Companies go through many stages; rapid growth, peaks, and plateaus – all dependent on both external and internal environmental influences. Most factors are beyond management’s’ scope of control, however, in order for a business to be continuously resilient, it is essential that the company’s most important resources are operating optimally.

Due to the nature of your business, we have identified that your company’s most valuable assets are that of your human resources – your staff; your employees.

At WorkingWell we recognize the employee as a whole. This means that wellness not only speaks to physical fitness and diet but it addresses the mental health and the physical environment in which the employee operates. Employees spend at least one-third of their day at work and we believe creating a comfortable work environment will produce, support and maintain a healthy corporate culture, reaping volumes of success for your company.

The Centre for Disease Control (2015) illustrates that “workplace health programs that are created with the needs, risks, and interests of employees can improve the retention of current workers and create long-term employee loyalty to the organization”.

We have a variety of packages and programmes to support your company’s unique needs. Our aim is to ultimately provide the most suitable Work.Life.Balance for you, your organization and your employees.

Simeca Alexander MPH. BSc.

Corporate Wellness Director

With a Bachelor of Science Degree in Dietetics and Nutrition from the University of Technology, Jamaica in addition to a Master’s Degree in Public Health from The University of the West Indies Mona, this bubbly individual is equipped to bring your corporation to its optimal level of wellness. Freelance writer for the health and fitness section of a Caribbean Magazine and interactions with the Ministry of Health have given her even more insight to ensure that her passion for health and wellness will align your vision with your company’s success by forging the ideal Work.Life.Balance.

Bevony Singh BSc.

Wellness Integration Specialist

Holding a Bachelor of Science Degree in Dietetics from the Northern Caribbean University this reserved multifaceted individual runs (for fun). With a passion for content creation, her aim is to be your company’s change agent- assisting with the task of creating a healthier workforce to improve your operation’s efficiency. Her skills will bridge the gap between finding the services that you need to get your workforce WorkingWell.